Thursday, February 06, 2014


Adam Orth pops up
Remember that guy that trolled the entire Xbox fanbase and got fired. I think he really got fired for spilling the beans about the Xbox One being connected to the internet. And MS received the negative heat from it.
The funny thing is he became a meme and got fire over it. You know what? His actions were just a precursor for the attitude MS would take on later after E3. The problem with always online system is too many people can slow down and shut down people just wanting to play a solo game. Why would MS stand behind a program that has proven to be a failure? 
 After the incident, he had an interesting story about his reaction. From Kotaku, ((he actually unplugged and got himself off social media. "I saw the first wave of it, and that was enough," he says. Friends still told him what people were saying. His wife read a lot of the comments. "It was a horrible experience for all of my family." ))
Yeah, the shit storm seemed to be focused on him, but it did shift to MS when they revealed the Xbox One. Some of it he deserved, but the threats were out of line and just plain stupid. It's a VG system, guys.
Look, I receive some Internet fame (strangely enough currently over a Woody Allen post), but I've never been a meme...yet. So, that can change your outlook on life. However, that “deal with it” just sticks in my mind as just being a prick. And, it is the same attitude MS had after the reveal of the Xbox.
Supposedly, he got a new job and is healthier than ever. So, I guess someone had a better year than most of the MS Xbox team. Maybe, some good can come out it with his speeches.  And, he seems to have gotten the better deal out of the two big names that got fired/left MS. 

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