Thursday, February 27, 2014

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Crispin Glover hates the ending to BTTF: I actually sort of agree with him on this. It was more about the material things in the end. Marty gets the new truck and everyone has better jobs. However, they made this movie in the 80s when these things were important. The producer and director also felt there was a problem with this too. They mentioned it on the DVD commentary. They sort of ret-con this in BTTF II with the side story about Marty losing everything in that future car crash. I still like the ending because it is a stark contrast to his other timeline. It shows that universe is different.  They just used 80s values to do it.  I also find nothing wrong with success and wealth when you "put your mind to it".  
~Shrek 5? Just stop: With Dream Works considering another movie, is there a way to convince them to end the franchise? And, I liked the ending to 4 and loved the spinoff Puss N Boots. I think the fourth movie was a good way to end the franchise.
~All Things Good TNG episode: I re-watched the final episode of TNG on Netflix. I got a little misty-eyed with the ending. I love that Q and Picard kind of have a matural respect for each other at the end. It was Q that helped humanity out with Picard jumping around in the different time lines. I also like the final moments between Picard and Q where Q refuses to tell him if Picard will see him again. There are just too many great moments in the final episode. 
And, how about that space battle between Enterprise and the Klingons?  The Finale was a fitting tribute to show. I can't say the same for the Star Trek Enterprise finale. That was total shit.  That came out of ego and foolish where as the TNG ending came out of love of the show.  
BTW, the more fitting ending to Enterprise would have actually been more in seeing the birth of the Federation.  

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