Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bus Driver fights 15 year old thug

Bus Driver fights 15 year old thug
This is why you avoid public transportation.  I also see this as a bigger problem within the black community.  Why are we so quick to use our fists when things don't go our way? 
Yes, the kid was 15 years old, but the kid also sucker punched the bus driver in the face repeatedly. The driver was driving the bus when this little thug slugged him in the face. Yes, the driver should have attempted to put the bus in park before defending himself. That put all of them in danger, but the kid needs some of the blame too because he put them in danger first. And, yes the teen is facing charges thankfully.
I remember a story in Louisville where another little thug threw a battery at abus driver's head while being kicked off the bus. The driver suffered some injuries and everyone on the bus had to wait for EMS and the police to respond. That's just loathsome thuggish behavior. 
The student did make a statement about his actions. From Aol, ((The 135-pound boy walked past the driver, then walked back up. He used an expletive toward Wells and then suddenly punched him. "I was mad that he was going to suspend my bus pass, so I got up and punched him in the face," a police report obtained by WISN quoted the boy. ))
That's because you were acting like an ass. He was doing his job. Okay, the bus driver should have put it in park and then kicked the little punk's ass and then called the police.  And, crashing into the cars was the reason he got fired.  But, still another working person effected by thuggish behavior. 
When are these folks going to realize these bus drivers don't play around anymore.  They will fight back.   
This is why I couldn't be a bus driver. Having to deal with a-hole like this teen would make me crazy, that and the fact I am a shitty driver. 
I say give the driver another chance.   
Remember this one?  

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