Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rodman: Letting all out in a North Korean Hotel?

Rodman: Letting all out in a North Korean Hotel?
Again, this guy is his own personal wrecking ball. He bends over backwards to please his friend Kim the Leader. What does he do in his hotel?
From Sports Grid via Korea Times, ((Rodman was drunk the whole week of his stay. And the night before he left for the U.S., he was drunk unconscious, and vomited everywhere he turned. He even urinated and emptied the bowels in the hallway,’ a source told Free North Korea Radio. ))
I guess after making Double Team with JCVD, he has no fear. He was kicked out of the country. This takes a lot of balls to poop and pee in a hotel owned by the Supreme/Great Leader. You can't behave like a jackass in a country where they lock you up and kill you for “making porn” videos.
From Korea Times, ((Rodman was reportedly asked out of the country with a warning “Never will you be welcome here without the completion of your alcohol abuse treatment program,” the source said.))

This supposedly answers the question as to why he left the country and went into rehab. He checked out of Rehab and is now on a drinking run throughout bars. We're going to see him dead in a few years aren't we?
Like I've stated before, I have a family member, I was close to years ago, that is spending a lot of time in jail for drug and alcohol abuse.  Outside of jail time, he literally spends his whole time drunk and high while he waits for his government check each month so he can spend it on booze and drugs all over again.  At least we know that he's not using and forced into rehab.  But, he gets out next month.  

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