Thursday, March 03, 2011

GI Joe intros from 83-87

GI Joe intros from 83-87
Man, this brings back memories.  I’ve been watching old episodes of this show recently and I’ve loved every second.  I’ve watched the first two mini-series that came out before the regular show.  Anyway, the animation in the intros was well drawn.  Each new intro would introduce some of the newer characters.  I’m torn as to if I like the Ducktales song better or not.
By far, the movie intro is best of the bunch, because it is the closest to Japanese animation.  Plus, the intro for the cartoon movie is sort of a James Bond type intro, and can be seen a part of the story. 
The music for the most part is the same throughout seasons and mini-series, while their sister show Transformers changed their theme song each season or mini-series.  
Here is the regular intro to the 1990's series from DiC
It is kind of catchy. 
Here is the intro from their mini-series from DiC with the added "International Heroes" bit.

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