Friday, March 11, 2011

Men in Black III started shooting without a script? Wait, what?

As I've stated before, I was never a fan of MIB2. I down right hated it. But, I remember reading in an old EW mag that Barry Sonnenfeld didn't like the way the filming turned out in the second movie. And, given that the third act is a complete and utter mess, I can understand that. They literally had to re-shoot the last act because the original ending had something to do with the Twin Towers. It also explains why Johnny Knoxville disappears for no reason.
And, don't get me started with all the product placements plastered in the second movie. Just take a look at this picture below.
(Why is there a Burger King in the headquarters of MIB?  Why does it get more screen time than Rip Torn?)
Now, it looks like the movie might be falling into the same trap as Pirates of the Caribbean III. That movie also had no true script and sputtered around until the end. POE never fulfilled the promises of left open in the second film and just became a jumbled mess.
When you hear stories about the producer and the director clashing on the set with only a first act script it doesn't really sound like this movie has a chance of being good. And, I find that a real shame because the whole time travel aspect of the third movie could very well make us look at the first movie in a different light.
I guess we will see...
I'm all for products in movies, but this is just overboard.  

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