Friday, March 18, 2011

Alexandra Wallace: Racist, troll, fart knocker?

Alexandra Wallace is one of the dumbest people in the world.  I really hate this woman.  She did a rant about “Asians in the library” and it came across as downright racist and bitchy.  Was she looking for trolling or is she that stupid?  She’s like the female Gilbert Gottfried.  Hell, can we fix her up with Gilbert? 
I just can’t believe how stupid her remarks were.  Of course, like Gottfried, she got the full shot of Internet hate on her butt.  We shouldn’t take away her right to spew shit speech; people have to make sure to have alt-views against her own.  This is something certain people don’t understand about free speech.  With the good, there’s going to be bad, such as the Westboro Baptist Church idiots or Scientology.  They have to right to spew their twisted views, they just can’t clamp down on other opposing views. 
Now, I’m all for self-censorship.  If you feel a stupid, racist rant coming on, feel free to “shut up”. 
So, does Alexandra deserve to be kick out of UCLA?  Nope, her newfound Internet Fame for being a racist is enough. 
Oh, the story gets better.  Alexandra Wallace planned on making more videos.
 From, ((John Wallace, a Sacramento-area retail developer, posted on Friday at 11:17 a.m.: "She's asking for domain suggestions for 'Asians on their cellphones in the library!' She's shooting videos as I write."
John Wallace also posted March 3 that his daughter was cast to be in the audience of MTV's "Jersey Shore" reunion show.))
Yeah, that last part about Jersey Shore just sums up what kind of person she is. So, her father was proud of her “Asians in the library” video? He proclaimed it on his Facebook, which has magically disappeared. What exactly is he teaching her?
Btw, she has to be around 18-23 and she already has implants. WTF? Check out her old modeling pictures here and see for yourself
But, the video responses from the video have been great. 

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