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Charlie Sheen's Pornstar Family defends him as a good father

She may look like the girl next door, but she isn't.  "It's a trap!"
Charlie Sheen's Pornstar Family defends him as a good father
I wasn't going to write another story about this guy for a while, but this train wreck is just too good to pass up. As you are aware, Sheen lost the custody of his children because of the drugs, booze and boobs. Now, he has some people defending him and calling him a good father.
They are Melanie Rios and Kasey Jordan.
I'm a fan, but still...
Being an expert on such things, they are both pornstars. Having the stars of such movies as Humper to Bumpher 2, Nasty Spanish Maids, and Slut Camp, won't help Charlie get his children back.
From US Magazine, (("He loves his kids and he makes an effort to be there for them," said Melanie Rios, one of the porn stars at Sheen's home on January 27, when the actor was rushed to the hospital following a weekend of hard-partying. "I have nothing bad to say about his parenting skills. I know he adores those kids."  ))
Call me silly, but when he has his head buried in your chest and telling you that he's a good father isn't truthfully the best source for info. But I could be wrong.
Kasey Jordan added, (("He really, really likes being a good father," added Kasey Jordan, who was also at Sheen's home during the January incident. "He knows he has an addiction and in order to be a good father, he has to kick the addiction. He loves his kids." ))
Why does it sound like Kasey Jordan is kissing up to Charlie so she can get a bit part in Major League 3 ½ or Navy Seals II: Still Sealing?
Side Note: You know somewhere Jon Cryer is crying in his bed cursing the name of Sheen. Cryer saying, “I played Lenny in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace  and I won't go back to that. I won't go back. Damn you, Charlie!”

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