Friday, March 25, 2011

Too Much Hi-C ?

 Too Much Hi-C ?
At work, someone brought in a pack of Hi-C. It got me in the mood to try this boxed juice drink out again. It is one of those childhood memories of getting a box of it in my Transformers lunch box a few days a week. So, I went to the store and got a ten-pack of the Flashing Fruit Punch. I ended up giving one to my professor during a meeting.
Hi-C is one of those drinks you can drink cold or warm. I drank most of them all day and got kind of sick. I don't remember this happening when I was young.
But, the flavor did bring back the nostalgia of those days in the cafeteria. While I didn't have many friends to sit with, I still enjoyed spending time in the cafeteria.
I noticed that Hi-C is produced by Coca-Cola from its Minute Maid division of the company. I had no idea.
By the way, Capri Sun was the rival drink for Hi-C among children. In the US, Kraft Foods distributes it. But, Coca-Cola distributes it in the UK.   

This was the Transformers lunch box I had.  The Box art is based on the movie and third season of the show. And, the Thermo drawing is based on season one.  Most of the characters on the thermo were pretty much dead by the third season

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