Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rebecca Black (Friday): The horror?

Rebecca Black (Friday):  The horror?
I’ve been sitting on the whole Rebecca Black story after learning about the recent podcast of Fat Guys at the Movies where they mentioned Rebecca Black’s music video and song.  They talked about how bad the video was.  That was when I knew I had to see it for myself. 
So, I watched it and I have to say, “Well, that was bad, really bad.” I am not going to attack her as a person because she’s a 13-year-old girl.  Because of the heavy auto-tune enhancements, the song sounds like a sober version of a Kesha song.  It is bland and sounds like something The Borg would listen to, but the sheer crappy nature of the video makes it appealing. 
Why brother with all the auto-tune?
The rapper in the video is one of the people behind the “music video packing” company that provides a platform for teens to make music videos…for a fee.  The company is called Ark Music Factory, and factory is the right name for the company.  They churn out bland music and videos for the teen market.  Did I mention that her mother paid 2 thousand for this project?
I'm kind of happy she didn't have company take down the music video, because she could ride out this Internet fame for a while.  Hey, if Charlie Sheen and the entire cast of Jersey Shore can turn turds into dirt clumps, why not keep it rolling?
Out of the steaming piles of dog poop, Rebecca Black has become an Internet celebrity of sorts.  So, I guess the money was worth it…I guess. 
Bob Dylan-like version: I love this version.


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Hey, cool review on rebecca black. Didnt read the whole thing tho, but yeah.

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