Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cereals that aren’t around anymore

Cereals that aren’t around anymore
Back in the day, I used eat all kinds different cereals when I was a child, which is probably why I am so messed up today. 
Here are a few I’ve forgotten about.
Morning Funnies Cereal:  I almost forgot about this one, and I used to be into the newspaper comics.  I actually remember my mom getting me this brand.  Each cereal opened up and had a comic strip within it. You can see more of what I am talking about here. I always viewed Morning Funnies as the Justice League of comic strips.
Dunkin' Donuts Cereal: Great, mixing donuts with fattening cereal was a bright idea for children. My biggest problem with the cereal was that it didn't taste like freaking donuts. What is up with the Ron Jeremy knock-off mascot on the box cover? Having a fat hairy dude on the cover doesn't make me want to eat the cereal.
Bill and Ted's Excellent Cereal: I think this was based off the cartoon show more so than the two movies. Yes, there was a Bill & Ted's cartoon show. When I watched the movie, I didn't really think two time-traveling drugged teenagers were a good idea for a kids' cereal. What do I know? Besides, we know that it was excellent because it says it right in the title of the cereal.
Strawberry Honeycomb: I loved this version of Honeycombs. I liked the strawberry flavor. I hated the stupid kid on the front. You want me to eat the cereal with that creepy happy kid on the cover?
Vanilla Ice Cream Cones Cereal: I liked this on too. It actually tasted like Ice Cream and cones. Man, I miss this one.
Mr. T Cereal: I remember it tasting more like a cheap version of Captain Crunch.
New Kids on The Block Cereal: The wrong stuff. If the cereal taste like crushed dreams and has-been memories, then I want to try it. It had to be at this point the group realized that they've peaked...that or the really bad cartoon show they had.
C3PO's: Yes, whore out your universe even more, George Lucas. I think I had some of this stuff, and I hated the cereal. It didn't taste like gear grease and metal though.


MC said...

Technically for Canadians, Frankenberry doesn't exist anymore either.

Semaj said...

I had to look up Frankenberry on wiki. While I used to eat it, I too haven't seen it around here, but it says that few of the monster themed cereals are still in service. I need to take a stroll through the cereal row at the store.

I liked the "Boo" Berry cereal too

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