Sunday, March 27, 2011

Britt Rutter: Without Your Love (Another Ark Music Factory joint)

Britt Rutter: Without Your Love

Well, Ark Music Factory, I kind of like this song. I don't love it, but it isn't shitty.
The song isn't terrible, in a “Friday”way, and dare I say the tune is rather catchy in a Sonic the Hedgehog from the 90s kind of way. I mean the song actually sounds like something off a Sonic the Hedgehog tune. The Auto-tune is a bit too much, but goes with the digital feel the video attempts to convey.
If she laid-off the auto-tune, I think she might have a chance to really make as an artist. You can check out two of her other songs on her myspace page (not facespace). I think her voice lends itself to techno songs and dance tracks. And, she seems to be better than Rebecca Black in the voice department.
I think the song needs another minute or at least a remix by some European DJ or a rap by Lil Wayne. (Because all songs are required to have a cameo by Lil Wayne, right?) Not too bad, Ark.
The music video
Basically, Britt's boyfriend, who looks to be 20, starts to video-chat with her via the social media site “Facespace”. Jason forgets to sign out of the video-chat and accidentally leaves cam on for Britt to see that he's cheating on him with another girl. (Oh, the horror!)
Jason leaves his cam on the whole day and Britt watches him study and records him out of revenge. I guess it is a good thing she didn't catch him watching Spankwire or something. (Great Scott) Instead of slashing his tires, putting firecrackers in his mailbox, or leaving bag of flaming poop on his doorstep, she records him drooling on himself...when he's sleeping. I'm sure he drools when he's awake as well, but it's funnier when he's sleeping. She releases the video to the entire Internet to mock him.
That grown rapper (Patrice Wilson) makes another appearance. This time he seems to be stuck inside the Internet because we get to see flashing/flying sparks and wire connections. Someone send Tron after him to save him. You'll notice that he's inside most of the laptops! He's like poor man's Agent Smith. Get him out of there!
The music video then turns into an India music video with three of the girls dancing in a field.
-Uh, Facespace? Did Myspace and Facebook make love and birth Facespace? I love the fake company. How about some Red Apple cigarettes and some slushos?
-Are her friends frozen at the beginning of the video?
-Did she just create a Meme out of Jason?  


JerryTerrifying said...

I can't get enough of generic rap guy in every song.

Semaj said...

He's great with his bad raping and his Timberland like singing too.

He's great

MC said...

Is it me or does almost every still picture of a woman in the act of singing in a video end up looking like they are having an orgasm?

Semaj said...

Lol, you're right. It does look that way. I thought about using a still promo pic of her, but this one looked goofy.

Mayren said...

i kinda like this one too. thanks for the share.

Anonymous said...

She's 16 now, but was 15 when this video was filmed and the boy they are calling "Jason" was and still is 18 :) She really is a good singer - ARK ruined this song with autotuning, she actually sounds a lot like Shanaia Twain in real life and is really talented singer and dancer. The song was recorded in August of 2010 when she was 15 and she has grown so much as an artist. Nice to see not everyone is a hater :) Cheers!

Semaj said...

Mayren: It is a catchy song. I kind of like reviewing these Arc Factory songs. This is probably the most fun out of the rest.

Anonymous: Thanks for the info, Anon. Jason looks to be 20 in the video and so does his friend. It is good to know that he's closer to 18 than 20.

Are you related to Britt Rutter or is a friend? because you seem to have some behind the scenes insight into her.

Anonymous said...

I know Britney Rutter haha she's in my Spanish class xD I've known her since 7th grade

Semaj said...

Sweet, I'm guessing she wants a career in the music industry?

She have any other tracks coming out?

Anonymous said...

do you know if ''Jason'' is the real name of the hot guy in the video?

Semaj said...

from what I gather, I'd say no. I have to look into it, but I think he is a part of stable of actors that Ark uses from time to time

Anonymous said...

Not giving out "Jason's" real name, but all the kids in this video did or do go to Britt Rutter's High School and are her friends. None of them are from ARK

Semaj said...

Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

I know several of the girls in the video including Britt Ritter, who sits next to me in my English class. I just learned today that she's the singer of this song, and I recognize the faces of the others too! Pretty weird/funny.

Semaj said...

Very cool to hear. So, is she going to do a full album?

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