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I Think We're Alone Now (2008)

I Think We're Alone Now (2008)
This documentary is beyond being creepy. It will make you feel completely dirty and uncomfortable, because the people they cover in the film are sick and damaged people. However, it needs to be watched to understand the mind of a stalker.
The documentary digs into the story of two individuals that are hardcore stalker of the 80s singer Tiffany. The film gives us an stable peek into the lives of the stalkers.
As I said before, this movie is painful to watch because these stalkers are dangerous. I couldn't believe how obsessive the fans know everything about the popstar. Both of the stalkers are disturbing in different ways.
Jeff Turner is a creepy guy that spends most of his money on brain wave devices. He lives in literally a trash heap of an apartment. He has pictures and magazines all dealing with Tiffany's career and some of the newspaper clippings of himself being in the news for stalking. He was arrested a while back for trying to present a sword to Tiffany.
At one point, Jeff Turner actually encounters Tiffany in person at a porn convention (don't ask), and it all becomes completely clear how she feels about him. He creepily leans in to force a kiss on her cheek. Her expression is that of dread, but she keeps a fake smile on her face. I've never much cared about Tiffany, but I did after those few awkward encounters.
Kelly McCormick, the other stalker, is an inter-sexual person that begins to fall apart mentally as the movie progresses. She gets progressively worst. There are a few moments when I thought we'd see her/him breakdown and grab a gun.
Watching these two stalkers base all their lives around this woman is disturbing and extremely depressing. While the movie does try to put its own twisted happy ending, we all know the it will end badly with these obsessed fans without treatment.
Grade: B
Side Note: Both of these mentally unstable stalkers get monthly paychecks from the government for rent. Can't we then force these unstable people to go treatment centers because we're handing them a check?
-Tiffany has kind of made a strange comeback with all those monster movies that premiere on the Sci-Fi channel.   

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