Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Roles that never happened for John Belushi

Make sure to check out the massive post over at split-sider, because some the roles within their list I’ve knew he was up for.  There are a few un-filmed projects that were supposed to star him, but never got off the ground after his death.    
Here are a few I wanted to take note of in my post.
Arthur (1981):  I can’t see John playing the role of Arthur.  I can’t see anyone but Dudley Moore doing the role.  Belushi would have brought a different vibe. 
Ghostbusters (1984):  This is one of them I’ve heard about.  Again, I couldn’t see anyone other than Bill Murray in the role.  Murray brought a slacker smart guy sense to the role. 
Spies Like Us (1985):  I could see John in this role and probably would have been better than Chevy Chase.  

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