Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Stuff

Tommy:  Oh, hi, Football. 
 Random Stuff
~Lady Gaga defends Rebecca Black: Right, this is the one “artist” you want defending you. Gaga is still being accused of stealing songs from Madonna and that Korean group. Doesn't that make Rebecca Black's career legit? Nope, sorry, Gaga.
~Red Dawn being reviewed through crayon pictures: I loved it. I still remember watching RD as a child and wanted to hide out in the woods fighting Russians. The movie really isn't that inspirational because most of the teens die horrible deaths. I like this girl's swagger. I need to pick up RD.
~Speaking of Red Dawn, the remake is going through some major re-writes involving the villains. The film has been completed, but the villains were a Chinese invasion force. Now, probably realizing how big the movie market is in China, the producers might be changing the villains to North Koreans. Keep in mind this will be done in post-production. MGM threw in about 1 million to make the changes. That still doesn't mean the movie won't suck.
~The Room's director/writer/actor Tommy Wiseau might have not directed his Opus “The Room”: It looks like someone has come out of the woodwork to contend the directing credit for the horrible movie “The Room”. Sandy Schklair came on as a script keeper of sorts and Wiseau shoved into the directing chair because Wiseau had no idea what he was doing. I'd let this one pass, dude. I'd let Tommy take all the credit because the movie is total crap.
~Para-hawking: I want to try this. This is so cool. I'll take some non-birds of prey like a parakeet instead.   

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