Monday, March 07, 2011

Kids aren't our future, F' you Kesha

As I was leaving the crib and going to my car, I noticed some local, black young girls playing outside on the street.  They were singing something so loudly that I took notice of it myself. 
They were singing a pop song.  What pop song?
Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy
(Hey, what up girl?)
Grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city
(Lets go)
Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack
'Cause when I leave for the night, I ain't coming back
Yes, that’s right these little girls were singing the lyrics to Kesha’s stupid opus “Tik-Tok”.  And, it took everything in me not to march over there to them and chew them out.  Not because they knew every word, but they thought the song was good enough to memorize all the words. 
Do they even know what the song is about? 
The song is about a talentless slut waking up from a drinking bender in someone else’s house and bragging about having sex with men that look like Mick Jagger.  I don’t remember Elmo singing a song like that.
I wanted to say, “No!  Don’t ever sing that song again.  Kesha is another reason the music industry is in such bad shape.  She sounds more like Soundwave from Transformers than Soundwave.”
I didn’t say that and simply got into my car disgusted.  Now, we are going to have little girls growing up looking up people like Kesha. 
I hate you Kesha and that damn dollar sign in your stupid name. 
Remember when girls looked up to Barbie and Jem and the Holograms?

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