Monday, January 23, 2017

Random Things (2017 ED)

Random Things

~2017 Strong?: After getting some counting, I feel I've gotten better compared to the couple of years before. I also reached a medical milestone where I no longer have to see the heart failure folks due to my major improvements over the months. I will miss them because they saw me at my weakest and nearly at wit's end. While I will never be a sunny happy shiny person, I do feel better about myself for the most part. My therapist got me through some issues and I now know what I have to do to keep the depression away. I need to keep creative and keep telling stories while writing...

~Reading a Book: An Internet fan of my blog sent me his book to read: And, I have to thank him. I've been enjoying it. His style is very similar to mine and I like it. I hope he keeps on writing. (I'm still reading it.) It might just get me back into writing fiction again. Though it will probably be a short story. First my goal is to get back into bicycling then writing. 

~Wax Candy: This shit was the worst tasting candy I've had ever. Most people my age have either forgotten or blocked it out of their minds. This shit was very waxy on the outside but had these strange jucies encased on the inside. I am not sure whose idea this was but it feels like candy that lingered on from the 50s and manged to survive into the 70s and 80s. Why does candy from the 40s and 50s suck so bad? Does it have something to do with the depression era?
~Last Obama: I will miss having Obama in office. I have grown to respect the guy over the 8 years. I enjoyed that he moved from being far left to center in his time in office. I think the country is better off when he shifted to the center. While I don't use the affordable healthcare act, I do know people that use it and are grateful for it. While Trump won't completely gut it, it won't be what it is today. I just like to thank Obama for not being Bush 3.0.

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