Sunday, January 22, 2017

This is library (thank you)

This is library (thank you)
Damn, 2017 is already starting out with the best memes. This guy actually gets these protesters to shut up for once and tells them the most important thing. “This is library.”
Thank you, sir.
And, you can hear one protester laugh.

It seems libraries are not only places where homeless men come in and chill, but a place for people to protest. I am not sure why strange things seem to happen in libraries (Like two women getting arrested for sexual acts in libraries or the BLM protest.) I don't think protesting and masturbating are things you can do in libraries.  Maybe that's changed.  
There are times and places to protest, but the library where people are really trying to study and make a better life for themselves isn't the place.  I am all for fighting for what you believe in, but disrupting a bunch of college students seems counterproductive to me.  These students could be your potential allies.  

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