Monday, January 09, 2017

Chicago Kidnapping

This is just crazy
This kidnapping is troubling. You can watch the 30 minute Facebook her thanks to Brittany Herring posting the crime on her own FB page. Now, I am starting to sound like a broken record and repeating myself. There are some serious issues that need to addressed in the black community especially in our young ones. (second video)
The Trump thing is merely a smoke screen for something completely more important. What is important is that they kidnapped a guy with mental problems and decided to torture him. Given the state of Chicago and our black community, this is just an outgrowth of what is happening currently in our cities.
Since we live in the Twitter/Facebook era, even the criminals have to live stream their criminal acts. I've seen numerous videos of people doing illegal acts and live streaming it for the world to see it. It is just odd. Could they not foresee their own arrest? Brittany's name is right there in the Facebook stream just for the cops to track her down. I also find it strange that they were pleased with the fact the video was going to go viral. It is also interesting that we see all of the social media background from these four criminals.
This Brittany person was arrested back in October for stealing stuff, so she wasn't a saint.

As much as I disagree with Black Lives Matter and hate them so much, you can't blame this incident on that movement. These are clearly just ignorant thugs that wanted to go out and torture a guy for the heck of it and not for some politically motive. Do these people look like the types that would be involved in the political discord?

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