Saturday, January 21, 2017

Those Coke MagiCans

Those Coke MagiCans
From Wiki, ((In this promotion, some Coca-Cola cans had cash prizes or gift certificates inside instead of Coca-Cola. The prizes were spring-loaded to pop out once the can was opened, lifting the prize into the opening. The prize would either be money, from $1 to $500, or coupons redeemable for trips or merchandise. The total giveaway of cash and prize coupons was $4 million. ))
Yeah, you might open a random Coke can and just a prize would literally pop out of your can. I remember thinking it was a cool idea at the time. Now thinking about it, not so much. I guess that's what Coke Rewards replaced it. So, the prize cans were filled with “ammonium sulfate ”, which the spring-set prized cans were filled with instead of Coke. This was where the promotion ran into a snag.
I remember reading about Coke scrapping the promotion very early in because some dumb-asses drink the “bad water”. Plus, the spring would stop working in some cases. I guess not so magical. 
And, yes being connected to the New Kids on The Block was a big deal back in the day. (They're singing the song.)

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