Thursday, January 26, 2017

Remember when Shia LaBeouf was an actor?

Remember when Shia LaBeouf was an actor?
This strange ranting and repeated phrases makes it seem more like a cult than a protest. It makes me cringe and feel bad for him. Is this what protesting has come to in the age of Twitter? Standing in front of a camera and repeating shit? 
 Shia is looking more like an extra in The Postman than a leading actor in Hollywood these days.  I'd probably give him a couple of dollars if I saw him on the street.  I liked him in the first two TF movies and I dug him in his early work.  I even thought he was the best thing in Battle for Shakers Heights despite the mess that movie ended up being. 
I think his ego and other problems have gotten to him over the years. Shia is turning into a less talented Sean Penn. Whereas Sean is a pretentious prick, he actually has talent. Shia been doing these strange live “art” shows for a while now. Maybe I am just getting too old, but I don't get them. If you want to watch the protest art live, here you go...enjoy. Instead of repeating shit into a camera, how about refocusing the opposition to Trump in the next election cycle? How about grooming a powerful candidate to oppose him in the next 4 years?
Now he's been arrested.
From New York Times, ((The actor and performance artist Shia LaBeouf was arrested early Thursday morning on misdemeanor assault and harassment charges while protesting President Trump at a livestream art installation in Queens. ))
Basically, the trolls of the Internet have been trolling the “protest” and doing meme things into the camera, thus making a mockery of his art. Someone pissed him off and he got into a minor scuffle with a troll. Given the state of the Internet, he should have known people were going to troll him.
From NY Times, ((Mr. LaBeouf got into an argument with another man at the installation, pulled off the man’s scarf and, in the process, scratched his face. ))
While I hate Shia, I don't think he should have been arrested for this incident. He was just in a minor scuffle nothing more.

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