Monday, January 16, 2017

Chris Chan's Brother, bro

Did you know that Internet's crazy person Chris Chan has an older half brother. His name is Cole Smithey and he is a rather famous movie critic in New York. He has his own website and title. Trigger Warning: Visiting the site will make you more pompous and self righteous. He also has a few YT channels.
Cole is the Spock to Chris Chan's Sybok. (Yes, a STV reference)

After watching some of his reviews, I have come to the conclusion that he and I would not get along. He seems to view movies through a SJW lens whereas I view movies in the world they are in instead. It is okay to have social and interesting messages and deeper meanings as long as they fit into the context of the movie and a preaching story. And, he seems to be more on the hipster side of entertainment than I am from what I can tell from his Twitter page. Yeah, I don't hang with the crowd that likes old funny hats from the 30-40s, skinny jeans, beards, shitty underground music and PBR. Whatever floats your boat.
He is known for giving bad reviews for popular movies probably due to his hipster-ism. He's more of a left-leaning Armond White with shades of virtue signaling to be fair. Due to his pretentiousness, he is considered a lolcow too, but not on the same level as Chris Chan.
However, I give him respect for making a name for himself and not making a complete fool of himself like his younger brother Chris Chan. Like Cole, I am estranged to certain family members in my life that are nearing death's doorstep. So, I understand why he has distanced himself from his mother and brother. (They weren't invited to his marriage engagement, ouch.)
What I am shocked about is how “well put together” he is compared to his younger brother because they both had the same crazy mother. Plus, Cole had the added trauma of his mother nearly shooting him in his head (I'm not making that up). I think the fragile state that Chris is in today can be linked back to his upbringing from his mother and father and Cole took it the opposite direction and built something positive out of it. Cole got out of that family situation and never looked back.
When their mother dies, which might be soon, Cole might have to make a decision on what to do with Chris. Chris is in such a bad mental state that he might have to be put in an institute. (Though Chris could end up in federal prison if he continues to threaten President Trump's life.)

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