Saturday, November 19, 2016

Random Things

Random Things
~My mother is a published writer: My mother wrote a short article for a popular woman's magazine. I'm proud of her and everything, but she became a published writer before me. Heck, I couldn't even get hired on my college newspaper. I am proud of her, but there is a tinge of me now trying to get my shit together. BTW, she wrote an inspirational story about the post office and the kindness of humanity. These are things I not into given my negative view of humanity. 
~Doctor Strange: I still haven't brought myself to watch Doctor strange. People tell me how good this movie and some people put it near the top of their Marvel list. I love that Cumberbatch is playing Dr. Strange. Did you know this isn't the FIRST adaptation of the powerful magic user? I heard a podcast discussing the potential TV pilot (TV movie). Yeah, they were planning on having a TV show based on the character (sort of) years upon years ago way back in 1978. So, the 2016 movie isn't the first one. 
~Dr. Strangefate: Speaking of Dr. Strange... In the 90s, there was a huge comic book crossover between Marvel and DC. At one point, both universes merged into one and characters were combined. Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate (DC) were merged together with Professor X. All three formed Dr. Strangefate. Strangefate was one of the few merged characters to know that this merged DC/Marvel universe wasn't meant to be. He did everything in his power to stop someone tearing apart the universe.
~Murder in the neighborhood: I live in the east end where there isn't as much crime as some of the other areas in the city. Most people generally feel safe in the east end. Well, two assholes decided to preform a home invasion on a woman's home in my neighborhood. They broke in the backdoor of the house and entered. The mother pulled out her gun and shot one of the intruders and he stumbled outside and died. His partner in crime decided to leave his friend behind to bleed out in a stranger's backyard. He was caught later. I am a supporter of people owning weapons to defend themselves, and this proves why. Could you have imagined the what they would have done to her if she didn't defend herself?
Anyway, she won't be charged. Kentucky has strong laws in favor of victims of crimes defending themselves and their property. Here's the best part of the story. The friend that survived is being charged with murder. How do you like those apples?

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