Tuesday, November 22, 2016

George Lucas loves noodles

George Lucas loves noodles
 Regrets Howard the Duck...

I laughed when one of my podcast sites mentioned that there is a photo of George Lucas sitting in a mall eating six dollar noodles. I looked it up, and it is true.  There he was eating noodles at a mall. 
This is the same guy that created Star Wars and created ILM. He is actually one of the founding fathers of Pixar. He sold his Star Wars franchise for billions of dollars and here he is sitting. He's just an old man eating noodles in a mall and it is kind of strange.
By the way,this happened in a mall in Australia. From Metro.co.uk, ((But that’s what happened to shoppers at Rundle Mall in Adelaide, Australia – who earlier this week were treated to the sight of George Lucas himself getting stuck in to a plate of noodles.))
Maybe, he'll CGI in some fries and a Starbucks cup into the scene.  
He does seem to to be a bit sad doesn't he?  

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