Wednesday, November 09, 2016

President Trump. Really America?

President Trump. Really America?
I hate Hillary Clinton with a thousand suns, but I can't believe how angry people are that they elected a reality star/Biff Tannen. Yes, America voted in the villain from Back to the Future series.  
It will be interesting to see where the far-far left handles an ego madman in the White House. Oh, and Obamacare is gone, but on the other side Wall Street has to be shitting its pants too. Well, it is said and done. The next four years are going to be extremely interesting to watch in a WWE sort of way.
Do I think we picked the worst of two evils? Yes, because Trump is a hothead guy that will bring us down with him.  Given I am in therapy, so I am not freaking out as much as other people.   
It won't effect me as much as people without company health insurance. I need the health insurance to survive literally. I am not under Obamacare and those people are going to lose Obamacare in the next four years. However, having him in office will affect the company I work for that needs globalization to expand.
Hey, if we can survive 8 years of Bush, we can get through 4 years of Biff.  Overall, I will just be observing and finding these next four years very crazy and entertaining.

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