Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Louisville Juice Bowl shooting

Louisville Juice Bowl shooting
On a serious note...
During Thanksgiving, Louisville made the national news, but for negative reasons. While watching The Force Awaken with friends, one of my friends told me about the shooting.
I hate to say things that are cliche in nature, but "This is why we can't have good things." There is always going to be some thug that ruins it for the rest of community. This happens a lot in the black community.
This happened in the West End of Louisville. A lot of people view that part of town as having a lot of crime, yet my part of town is considered the richer section of town. We had a major shooting in the East End too, so we can't blame it on just merely happening in the West End.
It is shameful to ruin a positive thing in the black community and shows there is a negative side of the black community I am a little angry that Black Lives Matters won't touch the main issue in the black community. That's black on black crime. This shooting proves that we have elements in the community don't give a shit about other black people.
Remember, it is Black Lives Matter. Yes, police corruption is an issue, but what is destroying is this thug element. We refuse to even discuss the black on black crime issue at all. If you're black like me and mention it, you're considered a sellout or outcast.
This shooting needs to be discussed and talk about reducing crimes. We need to change certain elements of our culture in order to become a better community.
I've always said that we need more black nerds and less thugs. Having swagger shouldn't be as important as having a proper education.
I just have an assumption that this latest crime (in a growing crime year) will be forgotten about and we will lose focus on the real issues. With the incident that happened at the waterfront and the Mall incident, it shows there are some serious problems in our black community especially in the young parts. We're all in trouble unless we discuss it and find solutions.
Okay , off my soap box.

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