Thursday, November 10, 2016

William Shatner as Two-Face

William Shatner as Two-Face
Pure Shatner.
In his prime, I think Shatner would have made a great Two-Face. Here's the thing; this new series of animated movies are based on the old 60s Batman episodes. And, there is even a comic book based in that same 60s continuity. While the 60s show was never my Batman, I've come to respect that campy show...somewhat. (Most of the surviving cast reprise their roles for the new series of movies.)
What really stood out for most fans of that show is there was NEVER a Two-Face episode. Could they have gotten away with a Two-Face on the family friendly series? Well, it looks like there were plans for this villain to show up in the 60s show after all. There was a script written for Two-Face.
From ((was Two-Face, however, Two-Face almost made it to the Adam West television series in a story called "The Two-Way Crimes of Two-Face" written by science fiction master Harlan Ellison, ))
Yep, that Harlan Ellison from that great episode of Star Trek called City on the Edge of Forever. And, make sure to read their story behind the unused script, because it is a compelling read. The producers eyed Clint Eastwood as their version of Two-Face at that time. Some say the show was cancelled before they could produce the episode. However, Hollywood Babble-On claims that Ellison was blacklisted by someone in the network and he vowed to never produce any script from Ellison.
From ((According to the story, Ellison and Samish had gotten into a physical altercation years earlier over a script Ellison wrote for the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea series, leading to Samish banning Ellison from ever working on an ABC show again (good thing he wrote the brilliant "Demon With a Glass Hand" for The Outer Limits before this happened!) ))
That sounds like Ellison.
Anyway, here is the trailer for the first 60s animated Batman movie.

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