Monday, November 21, 2016

Raven's Cry: AKA Pirates of the Caribbean knockoff

Raven's Cry: AKA Pirates of the Caribbean knockoff
I love watching train wrecks and this video game clearly falls under such a description. It is the Ride to Hell of pirate video games. And, the best part about this game is the publisher and developer literally released an unfinished game.
This terrible game had an interesting history. It was announced back in 2011, and another development team had to take over the game from the first team. It was finally released in early2015. And, it was supposed to be more of a sandbox pirate game.
Here are the best things to know about this game.
-Character's will NOT speak lines that are displayed on screen: This is because they didn't bring back the actors to add some lines to the cut scenes!
~There are game-breaking bugs and glitches all over the game!: You can actually break the game in the first mission!.
~Vendetta - Curse of Raven's Cry : The game was so bad that they removed the original game and renamed and re-branded the game Vendetta with the old name being the subtitle. They revamped many elements, but the new version was still bad.
~Accused of writing fake reviews: There are reports that the company making the game hired people to make fake reviews for the game and attacking reviewers that bashed the game.

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