Monday, August 28, 2017

Cool as Ice: JonTron review

Cool as Ice: JonTron review
It is good to see JonTron back to doing what he does best. I disagreed with some of his political stances of late. He took a few months off, rightfully so. And, he came back with this review.
Cool as Ice is one of those forgotten shit-gems that went out like Vanilla Ice.
So, how bad did this movie do?
From the wiki page, ((The film was developed as a vehicle for Vanilla Ice. It has received negative reviews, and was a commercial failure, grossing only $1.2 million from a $6 million budget. ))
Even with a low budget, the movie failed.  As long as you view Mr. Ice as the villain, the movie sort of works.  

To be fair, I kind of liked him early on. I liked that he was the “White MC Hammer” and he did have some rapping skills. However, views changed after the Arsenio Hall interview. He is clearly phony.This was filmed during the time when Madonna and he had a relationship and his falling out with MC Hammer. Ice was also taking heat from other white rappers during this time such as Kid Rock and 3rd Bass giving him crap.
Here's Hall talking about the interview years later.

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