Wednesday, August 02, 2017

American Gods

American Gods
Because I was out of the loop, I let this series pass me by. I’ve watched all eight episodes of the first season and I have to say I am really digging the show. I honestly didn’t think I would like it due me being a non-religious person. But, the concept is rather brilliant in a way. It is a world where all gods exist in some form or another in North America. Some are old and others are brand new. They interact and have disputes like the rest of us.

The show is based on the Neil Gaiman book. From what I can tell, the series is following the book rather faithfully. I think the concept is open for changes and course-corrections too. Bryan Fuller is deeply involved in the development of the series with Gaiman.
-The format of the show is interesting: The cold openings are usually a short "movie" about a god living in America and the things they do. Some of them have normal jobs and others do their godly deeds. I like seeing inside these gods' lives. I know most of these gods will play a bigger part in the overall story. Some of the other gods first appear not to be attached to the main story will do weave into it from time to time.
-New Gods: I LOVE the concept of these new gods coming in and wanting to throw out the old gods. So far I've seen the Internet God (Naturally, he's a major asshole, Kind of like a 4chan person.) Then, there is the TV god. She is in the form of Lucy from I Love Lucy. I love that because Lucy was a pioneer in TV. She also mentions that she is an older god than Internet. That's a nice touch. Then, we have Crispin Glover as the globalization God. He seems to be one of the more powerful gods. Glover was born to play this role. These gods are considered the main bad guys of the show.
-Ian McShane  : He’s great in the second lead role. He is a bit of a more positive character than his great character from Deadwood. He plays a major god on the series and he has a major plan to bring the old god together. I love that he drives around in an old car and hates technology. Watch the show just to see Ian interact with Shadow. (Actually, his role is similar to his small part in Game of Thrones)
-Shadow played Ricky Whittle : I like this guy and I like his character. The show centers around him. I like he has a bit of an edge to him. He kind of reminds me of a young The Rock. I glad they picked a big guy that can act.
-There is a Goddess that eats people with her vagina: I wish I was making this up. She uses Craig's List and goes on dates with men and women. She has sex with them and proceeds to swallow them whole into her lower regions It is rather distributing to watch actually. I know this is right from the book. But, WTF? I guess there are worst ways to go.
-Dane Cook : If you hate Dane Cook and wondered where he's been since 2005, then this show is for you. He has a small part, but important part of the show, which I am not going to give away. He plays a self-centered asshole. Imagine that. And, this is his best role since Simon Sez .
-Crazy ex-living girlfriend: That's all I am going to say.
If I had one thing to hate about the series is its overuse of slow motion. It feels like they took a page out of Zack Snyder's book. Please stop doing that.  

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