Friday, August 11, 2017

Star Trek The Motion Picture "memory wall scene"

From Forgotten Trek, ((Director Robert Wise rejected it during postproduction and replaced it with Spock’s spacewalk. ))

I got these photos from Forgotten Trek where they go into great detail the scenes involving Kirk and Spock exploring V'ger. Here are the scenes as they were written in the script. And, check out the other site that has a ton of pictures of this forgotten scene.
The key is to find out what really happened behind the scenes for Paramount to pretend the memory wall scene was never filmed. Paramount has stead-fast denied that these scenes were ever filmed and only released test footage of the suits flying by.
It was during this time when Abel's FX team was fired from the movie, (Paramount is very wishy-washy about this fact) and Trumbull and Dykstra were brought on full time. Trumbull and Dysktra scrapped all the footage from the memory wall scene and completely re-wrote the scene. Instead of a long scene where Spock and Kirk enter V'ger. We have Spock flying through the memories of V'ger's trek across the universe. They even changed the space suit design for the re-shoots.
Trevanian had this to say about the whole ordeal from the Trek boards, ((We know that they shot on the trench and memory wall stage for a week or more going by the making of stuff. We also know that there was some bluescreen shooting for it. Right there, that suggests it was shot in its entirety. 
More significantly, Doug Trumbull has claimed he is the guy who talked Wise into dropping the sequence, DURING POSTPRODUCTION. Trumbull official position on the show started in 79, after the sequence was shot. He says that the whole movie fell apart at this sequence when he saw the rough cut. Cinefex 1 addresses all this. ))
I find it interesting that Paramount will not talk about the trouble it had behind the scenes with the special effects and other issues. Truth be told, the movie is lucky it was released at all. And, part of the blame was laid squarely at the feet of Gene.  
TMP never received a test screening, which was something Robert Wise wanted, but he had to rush this movie out the door for the opening night. It is neat to know that they did have a little time to reshoot the memory wall scene and turn it into the space walk scene we see in the final film. I like the final version better, but it would be nice to see the actual deleted scene.
Here's the director's cut version of the space walk scene (there is a slightly different one on the VHS copy)
Side Note: When they were filming the memory wall scene, Clint Eastwood visited the set at the same time with his family. There is even a rare photo of his visit.

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