Wednesday, August 23, 2017

More Chris Chan foolishness

More Chris Chan foolishness

Every time I think Chris Chan is going to bore me, he does something completely stupid. After the Brony-Con, Chris Chan continues to wear his stupid My Little Pony ears and horn...everywhere. he even wears this headgear out in public. He even wears the damn thing in church. Church! And, that was what got him in trouble.
Completely missing the point, he was upset and decided to bother one of the MLP actresses with a handwritten, not via Twitter.

It should be noted he is STILL wearing his MLP outfit today. I am not sure if he is going to wear it into court tomorrow if he shows up.  He doesn't have a true cent to his name other than his government check every month, so there isn't much they can get back any money from him.  
When talking about racism and other issues, so people don't want to see you wear some stupid MLP things. It is just not right.   


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Is this Chris Chan?

Are you talking to me? I am an atheist. Am I much rather be called scum and not a church goer

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