Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall (Thoughts)

Once again, we are reminded why the White Walkers are truly total badasses. This episode didn't disappoint. I love how the show keeps building upon itself with the growing threat of the White Walkers and their zombie horde. As many have stated, this is basically a western just set in a sword-wielding time period with fantasy elements.
The action scenes were filmed like a grand western battle with a small force dealing with a bigger surrounding force. I liked the final stand aspects of it. There are a few video game element thrown in too with them picking off zombie after zombie that I enjoyed as well.
This band of folks didn't get along at first but fought together like a team. And, I love that Jon Snow is willing to give himself up to let the others get away.
Speaking of that, we get our first glimpse of the Dragons just destroying the horde of zombies with their fire. We have been waiting years to see this moment and it is amazing to watch finally. Great special effects. By the way, we already know that fire has no effect on White Walkers, but their zombies are toast.
Then, we get one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the show. The Night King kills one of Danny's dragons. Because of plot leaks, I knew this was going to happen months ago. Despite knowing of this shocking moment, it is still emotionally hard to see a dragon dying on screen as it screeches and crashes into the ice and sinks down into the water. And, to hear its fellow dragons cry out in sorrow also saddening. Then, you have that cold expression on the Night King's face. That is such a brilliant moment.
I might say that the dragon dying is far more intense and sad than the Red Wedding. We got to see these dragons grow up and develop like any other character. And, one White Walker dispatches one of them with a single ice blade (probably magic based).

-Gendry can run: I love that he becomes the hero of the episode by making it back to the wall and getting the message out. And, yeah, having a redheaded witch have sex with you and put leeches on you isn't exactly a bad thing. (The sex part and not the leeches of course.)
-Nothing is alive beyond the wall? : Bears and other living creatures are now a part of the army of the dead. So, that means the living will fight bears and wolves and other animals along with humans and giants. Damn, they are screwed. (I know the books already revealed this.)
-White Walkers are more Vampire like?: I love this new reveal. If you kill one of the WW, his soldiers he turned die. Does that mean a WW likes to keep the company of his turned zombies with him? And, I don't think killing the Night King will destroy all of them. Something tells me they'll be in for a shock when this happens. BTW, this was not revealed in the early story leaks for season 7.
-I love the Hound: Even though there is an army of looming zombies nearby, the Hound has time to throw rocks at the soldiers. He hits one and knocks his face lower half. I loved that moment because it is pure Hound.
-Daenerys is fully committed to killing the White Walkers: This is an interesting turn of events. Having seen the Night King and the zombies, she knows that her war with the crown means nothing now. And, hopefully, she will remember her vision of a frozen throne and how it is connected to the invasion of the WW.
-Love the flaming swords:  That's all. 
-Getting attacked by a zombie bear
-Zombie Dragon: If isn't enough to lose a dragon, we see that now the White Walkers now have their own powerful dragon under their control. This changes everything.
Side Note: This episode does explain why the zombie army can't cross the frozen ocean as seen in the opening credits of this season. BTW, each season, the wall map section gets more and more white with snow and ice. This season, it looks completely white. That is a nice touch.  

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