Friday, August 25, 2017

Gizmodo and that Hoss/h3h3 story

I posted a story about H3H3 winning the suit and thinking that was the end of the story. Case closed. Then, Gizmodo decided to write a story disguised as a hit-piece against h3h3. Everything about the story is on the up and up until a certain point where the writer tries to frame the story as a “Big guy vs. Little guy”.
From Gizmodo, ((Now is a good time to point out that the couple behind the H3H3 channel aren’t necessarily angels. They racked up millions of YouTube subscribers by making fun of other YouTubers and generally stirring up shit. And in terms of subscriber base, the H3H3 couple certainly comes off as a big bully. (H3H3 has 4.6 million subscribers, while Matt Hoss has 170,000.) With their strong following, the H3H3 couple also raised over $100,000 in crowdfunding for their defense. Even big bullies enjoy the benefits of the First Amendment, though. ))
That's part of creating content. If I create work, people are going to rate/review and even mock it. You HAVE to have thick skin. To frame it as a big guy bullying a smaller guy seems a bit off in this case. At a certain point, criticism and even online mocking have become bullying. (Being a black that was considered a geek, I know what mocking and bullying mean, and it is not somebody making fun of a YouTube video.) On all sides, criticism, joking and mocking has becomes a bad thing.
I have written blogs and some have shit on my work.
And, why are you white knighting for Matt Hoss/Bold Guy?
The rest of the story is pretty much fair except for a few snipes here there. I am noticing a trend of traditional media taking snipes at YouTubers with stories such as the Alex Mauer story and that disregard for the YT folks being affected by the strikes.
And, the mocking by h3 is a bit mild and actually not as mean or bad as some reaction channels. Ethan even gives Hoss some props. If you're going to frame it as a bully thing, you could also do it from the other side too.

Jokingly, I wasn't surprised the writer was a skinny dude with black rimmed glasses.  
And, now I will share this lovely image with you.  Enjoy. 

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