Thursday, August 03, 2017

Rustville the conclusion?

Well, there is an update on the Ariana Grande lawsuit case I wrote about earlier...I didn't want to write about it during the court case because he wanted people to talk about it. Thus, hyping up the issue. He went around to all the local news channels to ask them to cover the case. (they turned him down) And, I didn't want to add to this BS at the time.
Basically, the judge threw out the lawsuit.
Make sure to head over to Kiwi Farms to read the transcripts from the court appearance. The judge and lawyer in the case pretty much took turns destroying Russ. Make sure to back page into more of the transcripts, but the meat of it in on this page. The defense team uses Russ' own FB post against him, which is probably the reason Russ's FB is gone.
Anyway, the lawsuit was thrown out for a number of reasons. And, the judge actually threatened to put him in jail for some of the things he said about the lawyer defending Ariana Grande. Russ now owes 1,500 dollars to the defense team (I know I am using the wrong term) for putting up this bogus lawsuit. Ouch.
So, he's come out of the case owning more than coming in. Damn.
I hate when people misuse the court system for their own personal feelings. There are real issues with people with disabilities that are discriminated against that need to be heard and not some guy that “felt” threatened by a tiny woman in a meet and greet backstage.
Anyway, Russ is also being evicted from him living space due to some “issues” and a former adult industry worker has put out a warning to current working girls about this guy.
What is with this guy and women?  

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