Thursday, August 17, 2017

About that Taylor Swift Courtroom sketch art

About that Taylor Swift Courtroom sketch art
I was watching the Double Toasted guys rip on this dude's drawings and they're right. The artwork leaves much to be desired. I have to say they do look like coloring book drawings. Damn.

It looks like a kids picture story book than a courtroom sketch image.
The artist did explain why he had a problem with Miss Swift's appearance. From Billboard, ((A person like Taylor Swift, who is very pretty -- has perfectly proportioned dimensions on the face -- is actually much harder [to sketch].” The many, many Tumblrs full of Swift fan art might disagree. Also: “It’s hard. Some people are just much easier to draw than others. If you give me somebody with a beard and glasses, bingo, got it.” ))
You're giving Taylor too much credit. I think she is a bit too plain to make a drawing of I guess.

So, I looked up Taylor Swift comic book, and a lot of artwork came up. I guess there is an official comic book out there.  

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