Wednesday, December 27, 2017

DSP Tries It: Changing History

DSP Tries It: Changing History
Now, his lies upon lies aren't making sense anymore. I like watching this train wreck, but I really can't understand why he still has fans. He's now revealed that the breakup was extremely bitter and to the point that she grabbed what she could and never came back. Whenever I feel bad about myself, I just watch the downfall of DSP and his wall of lies. It has been an amusing ride. His sagas are far more entertaining than the shit that has become of Spoony or Chris Chan. (I used to like Spoony though.)
The problem with telling lies is you have to keep up with them and build upon them. 
What was the f'ed up and hurtful things that happened between him and Panda Lee? Remember, he claimed they were still friends only to come back around and say he hasn't talked to her in months.
I could go on about his new “girlfriend”, but I am still not sure I believe the story behind the escort rumors. It seems too good to be true, but it is worth the read...with a grain of salt. Allegedly, he didn't fully pay the escort, whom he is pretending is his GF, and she has threatened to reveal everything about him. While the timeline does fit and she is, in fact, an escort, I am still not buying he hired an escort.  I could be wrong.  

Why is he toxic?

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