Monday, December 25, 2017

American Outlaws

American Outlaws
Because I was lonely on Christmas Eve, I decided to watch a shitty movie. So, I turned on American Outlaws on demand. I remember watching this shit movie back in the day and love/hating it. I also remember the shitty acting and bad directing. And, the writing is cheap because it just rips off another famous outlaw series.
Say what you want about Young Guns, but it didn't end well for the characters there and did give us a darker element to our “heroes”. AO wants us to praise Jesse James a Robin Hood type despite the fact he was fueled by the defeat of the South by the North and killed a lot of people.
So, is this “The Room” of cowboy movies? Kind of.
--Nothing more than an uncredited remake of the two Young Guns movies: They even rip off the kid getting shot and killed in the outlaw gang by the main villian. There is even a Native American in the Outlaw crew just like Young Guns. Terry O'Quinn is in this movie and HE WAS IN Young Guns as well!
--Collin Farrel: Between 1999-2010, we had to put up with Farrel being in everything. He would seem to stink up every movie he was in. The studios kept pushing him into our faces. I am not sure if he is worse here or in Alexander.

--Ali Larter and her nice teeth: She has some amazing teeth. Yes, most people look at a woman's body or face, but I usually notice her smile and teeth first. I've always had a huge crush on Larter. Remember when she was the “it” girl of the early 2000s? What happened to her? Anyway, she isn't that good in this movie either.
--The Civil War:  Wait, Jess James fought on the pro-slave side of the war. Should I be cheering the fact that James and his band of brothers are gunning down Union soldiers? The movie wants you to believe that. Being a black man, I had a problem with these former soldiers of a pro-slave side being seen as heroes.
--Kathy Bates collects a check: She is in this movie for about 15 minutes and sleepwalks right out of the picture. It is also funny that she survives a house explosion in one piece only to die seconds later. What was she made out of? This might be her worst movie.
--Let's make a cowboy movie for young people without making it interesting. It feels like a WB/UPN made the movie.
In the end, it is funny just to watch this clear rip-off of Young Guns.  It is done far more poorly than those movies.  It pretty much sums up the problems with the movies from the 2000s.  I kind of recommend watching the movie to make fun of it.  
Grade: D-

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