Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Alex vs Star Mazer settlement (so far)

Alex vs Star Mazer settlement (so far)
If you can remember, I wrote stories about a VG composer that sent out false copyright claims against YouTubers and VG publishers on Steam. Alex was able to bring down the game on Steam and other platforms. I wrote about the lack of attention from the gaming press. When they did talk about it, a gaming journalist tried to white knight Alex against the “evil” YouTubers.
I found it troubling that a work-for-hire could shut down a company's source of income with a misuse of copyright claims. This case had bigger issues where one disgruntled employee could easily bring down an up and coming company.
Now, I have good news.
Lenard has reached an agreement with Alex. From what I can tell from the video above, it is a rather good settlement. Alex can't make any claims against the Imago or its products. She can't make any more bad statements against the VG company either. So no more false DMCAs for now.
This hasn't stopped Alex from making tweets about the case and even going as far as calling the judge an idiot. Despite not having a dime to his name, the court could fine him/her for this outburst.  However, the court just wants to be left alone at this point. 

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