Monday, December 04, 2017

Jaden Smith: Icon (Nope, you are not)

Jaden Smith: Icon  (Nope, you are not)
Oh, boy this is lit-garbage. I was talking someone that stated I really hate Jaden Smith. You know what? I really DO hate Jaden Smith. I can say that this track is way better than his Batman song. However, the worse part of this track is Jaden (stumbling) rapping over the beat. The beat is actually good, but the entitled asshole rapping is bad and trying to follow the shitty nature of modern rap today...which is bad.
And, it is safe to say that Jaden is NOT an icon despite what his song says. Sorry, you're just some rich prick living off your father's hard work. Plus, whatever stuff you learned from taking those stupid Scientology classes.
I have to wonder if this version of (rapper) Jaden fits in with the version that wears dresses.
My biggest question is why is he wearing one oversize chain? He has to wrap it around his neck many times to keep it from falling off.

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