Monday, May 20, 2013

Scientology and Adam and Dr. Drew

Scientology and Adam and Dr. Drew
I was listening to a newer podcast between the two, and they talked about the Scientology Incident involving their Loveline show and Scientology. It seems the Space Church sent a letter to the producers of Loveline and sent them a script to read. Someone at the Church got a little upset over Dr. Drew calling them a “cult” and sent them a script to apologize. Drew has been attacked by the church a numerous times over.
It takes great balls to send a script to Adam and Drew and think they would take it seriously. Drew and Adam talked about it recently on their new show, and it had me laughing. How many other shows have they sent this type of letter to?
I agree with Adam that people weren't really attacking them back in the 90s. However, I agree with Drew that they were suing people left and right for bad mouthing them back in the day. It was only when South Park attacked their group and the reaction afterward that people started to openly attack them. Someday, the South Park guys are really going to have to come clean about incident. We knew something happened.
Is this 1780s Guy real?

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