Friday, May 31, 2013

Nicki Minaj vs. Rosenberg

Nicki Minaj vs. Rosenberg
I am kind of upset that Rosenberg didn't stand his ground a bit more, but he still didn't let up. If you didn't know, Rosenberg dissed the song during a concert he was MC-ing. I agreed that Minaj took the easy way out with the shitty pop songs that sounded like a Euro-dance song, and people need to call her out for that.
I find it frustrating that she decided to take a pop route when she has proven that she can do a good hip-hop song like Beez in the Trap. After taking the pop song route, she start dressing goofy and making some really bad songs.
From, ((The Queens-native rapper finally agreed to join the Hot 97 morning show with Rosenberg to release the steam and let go off the negativity between the two. After Rosenberg expressed his hate of Nicki’s hit single “Starships” right before the annual Summer Jam Fest in which Nicki was supposed to perform in, she pulled out of the show completely. ))
Either she pulled out of the show or someone else told her to pull out. I think the cheering from the crowd, from Rosenberg's remark, kind of upset her.  However, the hip-hop thing to do is go out there and prove them wrong, not to run away.  
She seems to slowly fall into the same 'trap' as Lady Gaga; Making an act out of yourself instead of making good music. 
-Part of the problem is Minaj throws out the popularity of a song to counter the criticism. Just because it was popular doesn't make Starships a good song.
-She says she doesn't care, but I can see that she is still upset with the attack by Rosenburg.
-I do think they did a good job bringing their side of the argument, but they kissed her ass a bit too much. 
Hey, I may have gone too far in attacking people as well.  But, that's for another story. 

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