Friday, May 31, 2013

Stupid people at McDonald's

Stupid people at McDonald's
This prolonged fight was brought to you by Mc-Wraps. This is just a fight by a bunch of stupid people.
You would think these people would leave knowing that the police were coming.
Why were the mothers, who seem very young, keeping their babies around this fight?
What was up with the fat dude in the white T-shirt? Was he sneaking bites of people's food?
How did the black guy lose his shirt? And the black guy of course gets arrested.
The camera guy is a complete douche. “I'll cuff him.”
I didn't see a gun anywhere. By mentioning the gun, the cops are going to come onto the scene more aggressive and someone could have been hurt
“This is a family restaurant.” The manger kept saying it. No shit lady.

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