Wednesday, May 15, 2013

David Hayter: Reprising his role for Metal Gear Solid V? Maybe or Maybe not

David Hayter: Reprising his role for Metal Gear Solid V?  Maybe or Maybe not
I love the way Kojima has been playing us with false viral marketing and other things. First he dropped the main title from The Phantom Pain and re-cut the trailer in a completely different manner. It looked like a horror type game in the same style as Silent Hill.  Of course,  people already figured it out it was a MGS game.
Then news came out, on April 1 , that David Hayter wasn't going to return for MGS V. The whole gaming world paused for a moment and got angry. Hayter is Snake. He's been the character since MGS 1. I can't see anyone else playing the role. Strangely enough, the video above was posted from a guy named Onigawara V.
Check out the video below. 

Then Hayter stated he wasn't trolling. And, he claims he was let go by Konami.
I'm still not buying this, Hayter. The whole, “they didn't pay for dinner” bit sold me on that he's in on the joke.  However, his tone did seem really down when talking about it though.  
If he is telling the truth, I am going to be highly pissed off if Hayter isn't in the game in some manner.  
When I find out more information  I'll let you know.  

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