Sunday, May 26, 2013

Topblogstories (spam?)

Topblogstories (spam?)
While checking my built in blogger stats page, a strange number of referral links seem to appear. I know that many of the comment spam is just another way to boost ranking, but also to drive traffic to their site, I am not sure why this Top Blog is linking back to my blog.
I looked through Google and found some discussions on this strange thing. Some people get a porn site, while I keep getting a strange weight loss site with voice over. I haven't run into any viruses from clicking on the thing, but it just seems odd to me that they would referral sites and blogs.
Now, I do get some strange references, I still have no idea which link Reddit linked to a few months ago, but most seem to be legit. ESPN seems to link back to me for some reason, but I know they're legit, so is Reddit.
When you see “Top Blog Stories” in your reference links, don't bother clicking them.
Side Note: It appears this company in Mumbai is behind these referral spam.  And, Google "" with the image filter off and you'll see some interesting things NSFW.  And, you'll get a lot of alcoholic drinks in the image search.  

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