Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (re-watch)

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (re-watch)
Man, this movie has turned out to be far worst than I remembered it and more lame than I reviewed it.  While the movie isn’t on the level of Grown Ups bad, it was the start of the Kevin James and Adam Sandler team ups, which have hurt both of them. 
Sandler puts this movie in the same formula machine as the rest of his movies since Little Nicky, and it is starting to look really stale here.  It is really sad that Sandler has turned into an one trick pony.  Instead of trying to act out of his man-child roles, he seems to embrace them. 
-Script?:  Given how Grown Ups turned out, I wonder if this movie even had a script.
-Playing it safe for gay and straight:  The movie ties to straddle the fence what is considered offensive to gay people, but still try to play to Sandler guy crowd.  He’s made fun of gay people in his other movies, but here he’s trying to hard to play both sides of the grouping, but they’re so different that they’ll never play well together. 
-In & Out does this Gay/Straight thing better:  That movie had better writing, and seemed to be an all around better movie.  

-And, it is 14% on RT.  

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