Tuesday, May 14, 2013

24 the series is returning to Fox

24 the series is returning to Fox
Do you remember all those false starts with talk of a 24 movie after the series ended? Well, I guess it is better to keep the network afloat instead. Despite losing interest in the show after around 3-4 seasons, I am actually looking forward to this (restart). We know that this is just another attempt to get people back to watching network TV, but I am down with a shorter version of the show.
I've changed my mind on the movie subject though.  I still think a movie could work as a compressed 2 hour event.  Jack has to save someone in 2 hours...in real time.  It could work.  
From Huffington Post.com, ((Sutherland is set to reprise his starring role as Jack Bauer, which he played for eight seasons from 2001-2010. Fox just canceled Sutherland's drama "Touch," which ran for two seasons, making way for a "24" return. ))
It was pretty nice of Fox to give him another show after “firing” him. 
From Huffington Post, ((Fox Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly confirmed the "24" return on a press call Monday morning. "'24' compressed over twelve weeks. Jack is back," Reilly said. ))
I guess we can call the show 12 instead of 24. I am fine seeing a miniseries, but eight seasons of full episodes were enough for that series. I guess we'll see strange plot twists that don't make sense and a lot of Jack yelling, “Put the gun down!” and “Damn it!”
I loved the show, but some of the twists were a little silly. However, seeing him kill a bunch of bad guys will be cool again.
And, please keep his daughter out of the show.

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