Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cougar Life ad

Cougar Life ad
I actually laughed at this ad when I saw it on TV. I love that we have all these dating services everywhere, like Zoosk and Christian Mingle. I also got a kick out of the fact they got away with putting a Milf Pornstar in their TV spot.  Hey, at least it is better than those lame Christian Mingle or Zoosk ads.  
Since when did older start using the term Cougar to describe themselves? Cougar used to be a sort of derogatory term for an older lady pouncing on a younger man.  So, at some point the Milf Federation embraced the term.  
And, I am all for older women getting their freak on. I'd loved to have an older woman paying for my dinner or buying my movie ticket. I just thought this ad was a bit strange.
From Merriam-Webster, ((: 1  a large powerful tawny-brown cat (Felis concolor) formerly widespread in the Americas but now reduced in number or extinct in many areas —called also catamount, mountain lion, panther, puma
slang : a middle-aged woman seeking a romantic relationship with a younger man))
Maybe I am missing something with the relation between term one and two. Does a older woman turn into a mountain cat that eats livestock? Are we, the men, livestock? Do older women want to be connected to an animal that reigns down death?

Wait, I am not seeing the connection here.  

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