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Man of Steel (Part 3 of 3) (Bit of Spoilers)

Man of Steel (Part 3 of 3) (Bit of Spoilers)
I thought the concept of Krypton was fully brought out here. We see an interesting planet with different forms of life. But, we also see a stagnate society in the form of the Krypton culture. I loved seeing all the ends and outs of the culture. It was a nice addition.
This culture's subplot plays a larger role in who Superman is and what the rest of the survivors of Krypton represent. In their culture, everyone has role they are born into on a genetic level. Clark was the first person on their planet born from a live birth and not in a tank. He has no genetic road map like everyone else on the planet. Cue the Jesus similarities right now. Zod on the other hand has to protect Krypton because that's all he was born to do.
This plays into Jor-El 's plan to integrate the Krypton newborns into Earth using Clark as the one thing they have in common. Zod, on the other hand, wants to conquer Earth and terraform it into another Krypton planet. It is an interesting twist on the Superman mythology. Neither one gets their way, but it is something new to the Superman history.
The other added aspect to the Superman mythology is his relationship with US government. It is an uneasy relationship. He will work with them, but they fear him and he doesn't trust them either. By the end of the movie, Superman even catches the US army spying on him. I find that kind of humorous given all the spying scandals going on now in real life.
I felt the Spider-man reboot was totally unnecessary, but I felt this Superman reboot came along at the right time. I love Superman Returns, but there was no way the franchise could have survived. You really couldn't shoehorn this new story into the Donner/Lester/Singer universe. I love the Donner-based Superman movies with all my heart, but it is a time for a new mythology of Superman to start for a faster and younger audience. DC Comics has gone through considerable change over the years, and I think their movies should reflect that. Man of Steel has some flaws, but it kept me entertained. I am looking forward to a Justice League movie.
Grade: B+
 Zod:  I ordered fruit rollups and not Charms blowpops!"
 Yes, Clark is a fisherman for a bit. 
  is that big. 

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