Thursday, July 25, 2013

Whatever Happened to Dude Dell guy? Can we bring him back

Whatever Happened to Dude Dell guy?
I liked this dude. He did these Dell ads from 2000-2003. He was the face of Dell from those days, and it's been ten years since we've seen this stoner. Steve, the character's name, boosted Dell's sales a great deal during his run.
The actor playing him found himself in jail for having weed and Dell pretty much didn't sign him up for another year. I remember they brought in a different team of people for their new ad campaign.
Note: I love the high prices of these computers in the ad above, because right now you can get an okay desktop for under 300 bucks.
Anyway, Ben Curtis (Dell Guy) popped up last year when discussions about Dell's money woes started to pop up. He claimed he could help Dell by being the pitchman again and he was willing to return as the Dell Guy. From via Bloomberg, ((I think they’re making a huge mistake and simply need to bring back the Dell Dude! That’s it.That’s all they need to do. If they brought me back, their sales, stock and media presence would skyrocket. That is by FAR the smartest move they could make.))
I'd be up for that. Given the positive reaction people have to “out of the box” ads these days, I think the Dell Guy could work as the pitchman again. Besides, Dell really needs a boost.
This is what he looks like today. 

If Flo can be the face of insurance all these years, let's bring back the Dude.  What about William Shatner?  He's been killed and brought back from Priceline.  

By the way, does anyone even have one of these old Dell computers working still?  

 Thanks for telling something I all ready knew.  
 That scroll is actually weed.  
Hey, what about an eMachine ? 

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